Per the Provincial Government’s Restoring Safe Services strategy (“RSSS”), restaurants in Manitoba are permitted to open their patio at 50% of their normal business levels. Notwithstanding the RSSS, many Manitobans are not comfortable attending public spaces until the risk to public health is further reduced. We understand this position and we appreciate the support we have received so far for our take-out and delivery services. We hope that individuals not comfortable attending public spaces will continue to trust our food preparation and continue the overwhelming support they have provided to date.

We also understand that there are individuals who are able to, and interested in, returning to their regular activities and routine. For those individuals, we have been working since the announcement of the RSSS to develop strategies to provide guests with the safest possible environment to enjoy the summer. We have completed the strategies and arranged the restaurant in such a way that we can provide a safe and fun environment for those looking to start returning to normal. To this end, OGC is opening its patio on Thursday, May 6. Our policies and changes are outlined below; we are asking all guests to familiarize themselves with these policies before attending the restaurant.

The restaurant will be divided into three areas: the lobby, the waiting area and the patio.

The patio has six tables with a maximum occupancy of 20 people. The largest group we can accommodate is six people. The tables have been carefully measured to ensure a separation of at least six feet. Guests are asked not to move the tables. Five of the tables are adjacent to heaters. Four of the tables can be under umbrellas/tents to provide shelter in the event it rains.

When guests enter the restaurant, they will be greeted by an OGC staff member who will advise them whether there is room in the waiting area or the patio. If there is room on the patio, the guest will be escorted to the patio and provided with a table. If the patio is full but there is room in the waiting area, the guest will be escorted to the waiting area and allowed to stay until a table on the patio is available. If both the patio and waiting area are full, the guest will be asked to wait outside until there is space available in the restaurant.

We are asking guests not to wait in the lobby as we are continuing to offer our food and beer through online delivery platforms and we need to keep this space available for the delivery drivers.

When guests want to leave, we are asking that they advise an OGC employee who will let them out the patio gate.

When using OGC’s restrooms, we are reminding customers to practice social distancing and limit themselves to one person at a time.