Thank you to everyone who has, and is, continuing to support us and our staff. As we begin to reopen the restaurant, we are working to bring staff back which unfortunately means we need to reduce our days for delivery to Fridays only.

How It Works: To place an order please complete the form below. All product listed other than howlers and growlers is 473 ml cans. Orders will be delivered each Friday. Deliveries will only be made to addresses within the Perimeter Hwy. At the time of delivery, you will be presented with your beer, a receipt and a credit/debit terminal for payment. If there is a problem with your order we will contact you by telephone. GST, PST and a delivery fee of $5.00 will be applied to each order. Thanks again!


Tipsy Cow Milk Stout

Falcon Blonde

Monkey Trail Pale Ale

Belgian Esprit

Queen's Best Bitter

Mad Scientist IPA

Intrepid New England IPA

Multi-Pack (one of each of our cans)

Shoreline: Hard Setlzer

Multiples of 4/6/12/24 of different styles will have the appropriate discount applied.

Blood Orange


Blueberry Lemonade


Howlers & Growlers

Customer Information

Minimum Age Requirement:

I confirm that I am 18 years of age or order and will present appropriate ID to confirm my age on delivery.

Within Winnipeg Requirement:

I confirm that my delivery address is within the Perimeter Hwy.

Contactless Delivery:

Please check this box if you would like contactless delivery. If this option is checked, the driver will call you in advance to process a credit card order. The driver will then call you before (s)he arrives, notify you of the dropoff and leave the beer with the payment receipt.


How do I know my order has been placed?
You will see a popup with a green outline reading “Thank you for your order! Please check your inbox for a confirmation email.”
You will also receive a confirmation email to the address provided.
I click the SEND button but nothing happens?
Scroll up to see if there are any error on the form. This will usually be a mandatory field that has not been completed.
What time will my delivery arrive?
Our driver leaves everyday at 4:00 pm. Delivery times vary depending on what part of the city you are located and the volume of deliveries that day. The driver will call you before leaving and at that time, you can request and ETA.
How do I know my order is correct?
You will receive a confirmation email listing your selection in red. The driver will also call you before starting deliveries to confirm your order.
How does contactless delivery work?
By selecting this option, when our driver calls to confirm the order (s)he will provide you with the total and accept payment over the phone via credit card. The driver will then call or text immediately before delivery so you know to look out for your purchase.
Can I return growlers/howlers?
We are currently offering two kinds of growlers/howlers: blank and branded. Our default is blank which we are providing slightly under cost. The idea is to keep costs down for people looking to enjoy our seasonal beers. We have no way of knowing the provenance of blank growlers/howlers so we cannot accept them for return. We can accept returns on branded growlers/howlers provided they are returned in good condition. If you would prefer branded growlers/howlers please indicate this in the “Additional Information” box.